Recent article excerpt on travel alternatives to improve sleep, with products like lavender pillow spray, sprayble melatonin, and similar sprayable sleep products that lower the dose of melatonin:

In 1999, Westin came out with its first Heavenly Bed. Seventeen years later, United Airlines brought lavender pillow spray and Saks Fifth Avenue duvets to its sleep-centric Polaris-class cabins.

And at some point in between, every five-star hotel “curated” a pillow menu for guests who could finally find out for themselves which is more comfortable, goose down or buckwheat hulls?

But are travelers sleeping better? Six Senses, operator of luxury hotels and resorts, senses there’s still an opening to go deeper into sleep. And they’ve turned to Michael Breus for help.

You might have seen Breus on “The Dr. Oz Show” — in fact, you might have seen him there 38 times. Or perhaps you caught him chatting with Oprah, Anderson Cooper or the women of “The View.” He’s the media’s go-to sleep specialist.

Six Senses is owned by Pegasus Capital Advisors, which also has an investment in SleepScore Labs, a joint venture with television’s Dr. Mehmet Oz and medical device-maker ResMed that focuses on sleep research and products. Breus is involved with that company, as well.

Breus has developed a program for Six Senses that is overseen by resident “sleep ambassadors” at five properties offering Sleep at Six Senses programs: Zighy Bay, Oman; Douro Valley, Portugal; Zil Pasyon, Seychelles; Yao Noi, Thailand; and Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam.

It will also be available in properties that are opening over the next 10 months in Fiji, Bhutan, Cambodia and Indonesia.

All guestrooms in these properties include handmade mattresses as well as pillows and duvets that have cooling zones to provide the “perfect temperatures” for sleep…

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